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SUP stand up paddleboarding lessons in toronto

Learning stand-up paddle boarding with SUPsurf gives you a safe and easy way to start a new watersport right here in Toronto.

Yes, it really is as much fun as it looks! And depending on the conditions, it can be as easy as 'walking on water' or as hard as your toughest core workout.

Usually 60 minutes is enough time for a novice to pick up the basic SUP skills. After that it's just pure enjoyment.

What does SUPsurf teach?

Basic safety skills first, for your sake and your paddle-buddies. How to carry a board and how to fall off one. Yep, there's a right way to do that.

In your first lesson you'll learn how to find the sweet spot on the board - for best balance. You'll also learn the right stance and body posture for more power and less fatigue.

Of course every beginner needs to know how to get on the board and move from a crouch to a standing position. Comfy standing? Time to learn the four strokes every paddleboarder needs to manage a variety of wind and wave conditions.

Ready for some distance? Deep breathing while paddling reduces muscle tension and improves balance. So does raising your eyes for longer sight lines. Relax, loosen your ankles and lower body and don't fight the board.

You may not be a pro after 60 minutes, but you'll have a great time learning. And most people leave SUPsurf with the skills to take out a board on their own next time, or join one of our group paddle sessions. It's even more fun with friends.

To book a lesson, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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