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last minute club

Subscribe to last minute deals from SUPsurf

Occasionally we have cancellations or openings in our SUP rental schedule. We offer these spots to repeat customers at a discounted rate. (thank you for being a loyal customer!)

If you have taken our Quick Start Introductory Lesson before, you're already approved. Just fill in the subscription form below. You can cancel these notices any time.

"But I learned how to stand-up paddle board with another company"

What if you're not already a SUPsurf customer but you'd still like to be on the list? We're trying to find a way to include you - but to be fair to our existing clients, we need to make sure there's enough availability before we open this up to others. Why not join SUPsurf on one of our group lessons - even if you know how to SUP. If you're advanced, we can help you with stroke improvement, then you can practice independently. And a stand-up paddle board group lesson is only $15 more than a simple 'first hour' SUP rental. It makes sense.

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